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New Moon Aura Sprays

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These Aura sprays were created on the New Moon to bring an increase in all areas of life. Spray on self, aura, altar, room, or even in your car ✨

    Divine Feminine hand crafted with Rose, sweet patchouli, mugwort, Rosemary, blue lotus, witches grass, honey, sweet almond oil, and essential oils. Rose quartz and amber essence. 
   Created to bring an increase in intuition, divine feminine energy, aides in divination work, growth and fertility, protection, sensuality, and power. 

    Peace and Blessings aura spray is hand crafted with bay, basil, Rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, Pine needles, cinnamon and essential oils. 
   Created to bring an increase in prosperity, abundance, blessings aides in the manifestation of luck and money, Also wards of evil and ill intent.