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Chakra Healing

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Lavender + Eucalyptus- helps to decrease anxiety and stress, promotes a sense of peace and calm. Works with crown and throat chakra ✨

Tea tree + rosemary + rose- purification, protection, strengthening, love. “Herb of the angels” . Solar plexus and heart chakra ✨

Lemongrass- lemongrass is said to bring luck and ward off evil for those who are around it. High spiritual vibrations and cleansing properties. Solar plexus chakra ✨

Cinnamon+cassia+Tahitian vanilla- healing, drawing money, stimulating psychic powers, produces protective barriers and vibrations. Cinnamon boosts ones personal power and is one of my favorite things to burn.
Sacral chakra ✨

Cinnamon|orange|clove|cedarwood- stability, protection, balance, peace. Will aid in healing and boosting your root and sacral chakras ✨