New Beginnings

Our new beginnings collection began with the New moon that fell on March 13th just 1 week before Ostara or the Spring Equinox. This collection has been very much inspired by the Norse goddess Freyja.

Throughout this month I kept getting signs, such as seeing the number 13, 2 gray cats, runes, lady bugs etc. Even doing a thorough ancestor research that took me all the way back to Norway. Coincidences I don’t believe in. Goddesses I do. 

Freyja wants us all to be bold, independent, daring. Release what no longer serves you and go after what you want with the knowing that you have all the tools you need inside of you. You are a goddess. Or A god. Stand firm and move in that way. Only say yes to the things that serve you and the things that you actually want in/around your life. Freyja is the goddess of sex, love, fertility as well as the goddess of war and death. She loves all of us as if we are all her children and wants to push us to be the best, strongest, boldest versions of ourself. 

There is a beginning with every ending, illusions are revealed and released. These are phases and cycles, lessons and experiences. The world keeps turning. 

These Candles, oils, salves, aura sprays, and body butters were made for the increase of love, protection, beauty, abundance, luck, growth, fertility, confidence, intuition, magic, blessings, and peace. 

Made with pure organic high grade oils and herbs 🌿

Amber, rose quartz, honey calcite, citrine, and amethyst essence ✨ 

Amber bottles to represent Freyja.